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DOT Report: Alcohol Remains Biggest Threat in Distracted Driving

Alcohol is still the biggest threat drivers face on our nation’s roadways, despite decline of accidents, says Sulphur Springs car accident lawyer Gregg Price.

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DOT Report: Alcohol Remains Biggest Threat in Distracted Driving

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Sulphur Springs, TX (East Texas Accident Lawyer)—With all the talk about how dangerous texting and talking on the cell phone while behind the wheel is, it’s easy to believe that impaired driving has taken a backseat in the list of hazardous driving activities. But according to a government report, alcohol still ranks number one as the biggest safety threat, reports Sulphur Springs car accident lawyer Gregg Price of PRW Lawyers.

The Wall Street Journal reported that distracted driving accounted for about nine percent of all highway fatalities in the U.S. in 2010, with 31 percent of the deaths linked to alcohol, a U.S. Transportation Department report revealed.

Although alcohol still remains the biggest threat, alcohol-related fatalities dropped 4.9 percent in 2010, compared to 2009, accounting for 10,228 deaths.

But despite ongoing drunk driving threats, and the new added dangers from technology, it seems that the widespread vehicle safety campaigns have helped reduce accident and “distracted affected crash” rates.

“Distracted affected crashes” are accidents caused by distracted drivers who were dialing a cell phone, texting or dealing with something else in the vehicle at the time, explains Price, a Texas car accident lawyer. These types of crashes resulted in 3,092 deaths in 2010. But since the research methodology is new, it can’t be used to compare the 5,474 “distracted related” deaths that occurred in 2009.

The DOT report also confirmed estimates that showed overall highway deaths dropped in 2010—the lowest level in 60 years. Overall, the death toll from all vehicle crashes fell 2.9 percent to 32,885 people, or a fatality rate of 1.1 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, the WSJ reported.

“But, don’t let the statistics fool you,” says Texas accident lawyer Gregg Price. “In another DOT report, the survey showed that about 5 percent of motorists drove while holding a cell phone to their ears and .09 percent were seen ‘manipulating’ or otherwise ‘texting’ with their handheld device.”

“Texting is still a huge problem facing motorists,” the East Texas accident lawyer explains. “People are still not putting down their cell phones despite knowing the dangers, or their state having bans against the activity.”

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