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Pregnant Pedestrian Injured in Tyler Hit-and-Run; Police Searching for Motorist

A motorist fled the scene after striking a pregnant pedestrian in Tyler, reports the East Texas personal injury attorney.

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Pregnant Pedestrian Injured in Tyler Hit-and-Run; Police Searching for Motorist

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Tyler, TX (Tyler Accident Lawyer News)—Tyler police are looking for the driver who hit a pregnant woman who was crossing North Palace Street, causing her to be hospitalized. The pedestrian accident occurred Monday evening, December 5, 2011, at 6:30 p.m., in the 700 block of N. Palace, reports East Texas personal injury attorney Gregg Price, of PRW Lawyers.

According to information provided by KLTV, 29-year-old Latosha Little, of Tyler, was crossing the street, from east to west, when she reached the turn lane and was hit by a northbound vehicle that was preparing to make a left turn onto W. Bow Street.

The vehicle hit Little, causing her to be thrown onto the hood of the vehicle and then onto the ground.

Little was able to get up and walk over to the A&W Grocery to use the phone, while the driver of the vehicle pulled into the parking lot. But, when the driver learned that Little was alerting authorities, the driver left the scene, reveals Tyler car accident lawyer, Gregg Price.

While Little was unable to provide a detailed description of the suspect or his vehicle, she did say he was an elderly black male.

Responding emergency crews transported Little, who complained of lower back pain, to the East Texas Medical Center Hospital by an ambulance. She was hospitalized for minor injuries and as a precaution, due to her pregnancy.

Police are currently searching for the driver of the vehicle, and are attempting to obtain a video from surveillance cameras at the A&W Grocery, says the Tyler injury attorney.

Tyler Police are asking that anyone with any information about the pedestrian accident please contact the Tyler Police Department.

“Leaving the scene of an accident is considered a hit-and-run, which is very serious. This woman is very fortunate that she survived the wreck with only minor injuries, because it could have easily turned tragic with the loss of her life or the unborn child’s life,” says the East Texas accident lawyer, Gregg Price.

“Motorists need to be hyper-vigilant while driving at night, as pedestrians are harder to see—especially in poorly lit areas,” Price stated.

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