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PRW Lawyers says It’s Time to Get Tough on Texas Teen Driving Laws

The Texas car accident lawyer, Gregg Price urges Texas lawmakers to adopt stricter driving laws for teen drivers.

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PRW Lawyers says It’s Time to Get Tough on Texas Teen Driving Laws

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Longview, TX (Longview Car Accident Lawyer) -- Getting your driver’s license and being able to hit the open road, without having to ask your parents for a ride is a rite of passage for teenagers nationwide. But, this new adventure can turn deadly for so many new drivers, which is why the Longview car accident attorneys at PRW Lawyers are urging lawmakers to push for more stringent teen driving laws.

“Car accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths; and with texting and driving become more prevalent, it’s time we get tough on hazardous teen driving. We have to protect our teens and others on the road,” says Texas car accident lawyer Gregg Price says.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 215 Texas teen drivers and passengers from ages 16-19 were killed in automobile crashes in 2010.

Under current Texas driving laws, teen drivers must complete the Graduated Driver’s License Program (GDL) before earning their driver’s license. The GDL requires teens to complete a classroom driver education course; hold a learner’s permit for six months; and complete a laboratory driving education requirement, before being able to hold a provisional license for at least another six months. Once these steps are fulfilled, new drivers can obtain a regular and unrestricted driver’s license.

“While Texas has already adopted tougher standards for teen drivers to obtain their license than other states, there is still plenty of room for improvement,” says the Longview accident lawyer. “The risk of teen car accidents increases as the number of teens in a vehicle increases. Some states have imposed nighttime driving restrictions, limitations on cell phone use, and some even cap the number of other teens that may ride in the vehicle driven by a teen. These are some provisions that Texas should consider adding to driving regulations to help keep our children safer.”

This news reported by the Longview wrongful death attorneys at PRW Lawyers, specializing in personal injury and wrongful death related to motor vehicle crashes.

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