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Southeast Texas Volunteer Firefighter Loses Arm in 18-Wheeler Accident

A volunteer firefighter lost her arm when a semi-truck backed into her at an accident scene, reports the Longview car accident lawyer Gregg Price.

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Southeast Texas Volunteer Firefighter Loses Arm in 18-Wheeler Accident

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Sour Lake, TX (Longview Accident Attorney News) — A Pine Wood volunteer firefighter was seriously injured when she was hit by an 18-wheeler, while assisting at the scene of a tanker explosion in southeast Texas. The firefighter lost her arm in the Thursday, November 24, 2011 accident that took place around 5:30 a.m. near Sour Lake, Longview accident attorney Gregg Price of PRW Lawyers reports.

Kimberly Huckabee remains in the intensive care unit at a Beaumont Hospital as of Monday, according to information provided by the Beaumont Enterprise.

The chain of event began when the driver of a semi-truck that was transporting crude oil fell asleep and ran off the road, causing it to catch fire.

Accident reports indicated that Huckabee was redirecting traffic at the accident scene, when another 18-wheeler backed into the volunteer firefighter and ran her over, says Price, an East Texas injury lawyer.

The collision left Huckabee with traumatic injuries to the left side of her body, which caused doctors to amputate her left arm above the elbow. Her right hand was also injured, but doctors believe she will regain total use of that hand.

The driver of the initially crashed tanker truck was also hospitalized in stable condition.

Police cited the driver of the 18-wheeler that ran Huckabee over for backing without safety.

“Virtually all accident scenes are plagued with rubbernecking motorists, who are paying little attention to the road, as they are too interested in the accident. This failure to pay attention to the road can and has resulted in many preventable accidents such as this one,” explains the Longview car accident lawyer.

“Unfortunately for this firefighter, who was trying to direct traffic at the scene, she became another victim of inattentive drivers—highlighting the dangers around accident scenes,” the Texas personal injury attorney states. “Motorists should be held 100 percent accountable for accidents that result at previous accident scenes, because of inattentive and distracted driving.”

This news reported by Longview injury lawyer Gregg Price of PRW lawyers, specializing in personal injury and wrongful death related to motor vehicle crashes.

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